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Screaming Eagle Highway Project
101st Highway Dedication
Screaming Eagle Highway Project

This page provides information about the project and how to make donations. Credit card donations may be be accepted here in the future.
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Where is the screaming Eagles Hwy?

Through the efforts of the 101st Airborne Division Association, Southern California Chapter and Representative Tony Strickland. The California Assembly and Senate, enacted BILL NUMBER: ACR 54. Dedicating the 101 highway that runs through Ventura County to honor the 101st Airborne Division and changing the name to the “SCREAMING EAGLES HWY.” The Screaming Eagles Hwy starts at The Ventura County Line in Thousand Oaks California going north and Starts some three miles past Carpinteria coming south.


“ACR 54, Strickland. Screaming Eagles Highway: 101st Airborne Division. This measure would designate the section of State Highway Route 101 in the County of Ventura as the Screaming Eagles Highway.

The measure would also request the department of transportation to determine the costs of appropriate plaques and markers showing this designation and, upon receiving donations from nonstate sources covering that cost, to erect appropriate Plaques and Markers…”

The 101st ADASCC, named this task Phase 1. The Ribbon Magnet (shown on this page) is being distributed for a $5.00 donation, Make checks payable to 101st SEH and mail to Manny Barrios. Please help us sell Ribbon Magnets to your family, friends, co-workers, and throughout your neighborhood. Send order with check to Manny Barrios. If magnets are to be mailed add 75 cents each for shipping and handling. If you don’t want the Magnet, Please return to sender.

The 101st first fought in Europe in WWII, Jumping in Normandy, Holland and known for the Battle of the Bulge in Bastogne Belgium. They have fought in North Africa, Italy, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo Afghanistan and Iraq. They are normally the first troops in battle and known for their courage in helping keep this Nation free.

Why does history focus on two great Presidents, Washington and Lincoln? Because they gave us FREEDOM. Great sayings; Give me Liberty or give me death! In the Gettysburg Address Lincoln made this point: The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but can never forget what they did here.

So, to memorialize these brave men by putting these signs along one highway in California is a small way to honor them and keeping their memory. They are living reminders of average men who stepped out of their civilian shoes and gave a thousand percent of themselves for their Country, not for personal gain, not expecting anything in return, but to assure, as Mr. Lincoln said,

”That, that Nation might live.”

Thank you for your support,

Manny Barrios
10913 Cullman Ave
Whittier, CA 90603-3154
email: manny101adascc@att.net